Nicole Burney is a photographer and videographer aiming 
to capture the joys of the world. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts 
degree in Visual and Media Arts with minors in Art History and Women, Gender and 
Sexuality Studies from the University of Richmond. She is an incredible lacrosse goalie and an even better human. Forever proud of her! #oneheart
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To our FISH friends and family, I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and, most of all, good mental health in 2024. I challenge everyone to BE THE STORM this year! Lead with empathy and compassion and...
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What Pushes You?
In this installment of the Mindful Athlete we take a look at the concept of Drive. Anyone can say they are driven or motivated. But do they know what it is? To me, drive is the ability to work your...
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How can we handle failing?
In the second part on the topic of failure, let's talk about some ways to deal with it. As mentioned before, failure is a big part of our lives. It teaches us valuable lessons. There's an adage that says “If...
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Let's Talk About Failure
Welcome to the third post of The Mindful Athlete. This installment will consist of two parts associated with each other. The topic of concern is failure. When someone thinks of the definition of failure, they may think about not succeeding...
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